Different And Important Electrician Supplies That Every Tradesman Needs

Electrician at work while using some electrician supplies

Electrician supplies are something that any tradesman working in the industry has to consider purchasing, especially at the beginning of their trade and also during when they need to replace them. The types of tools you get depends on your trade, and electrician supplies have their own essentials. These tools are what a tradesman in the industry needs to get their job done, and it is vital that they choose the right ones, otherwise their work might be sloppy and not of high quality, and it can also make their job a lot easier. When working in this trade, there are a lot of dangers. For this reason, it is also important to choose electrician supplies that can protect you from these dangers. If you are new to the industry, you may not know what is considered to be essential, and will need some guidance.

With that being said, here are some different and important electrician supplies that every tradesman needs.


Voltage tester

A voltage tester is definitely an important part of electrician supplies that you will need. This is because you will likely be working with live wires and other components of power, which can pose a serious threat to yourself and others around you. As a result, you need a tool which can help you to identify if something is live or not, to ensure the power is off before you begin your work.

Not doing so can pose the threat of harm to you, as power is extremely dangerous when live and depending on what system that you are working on, can harm or even kill you. A voltage tester can be used to conduct a safety and power check, and tell you whether or not the component you are about to work on has power flowing through it. By knowing if something is live, you can go and turn it off before working on it. Mistakes are sometimes made on construction sites, and someone may turn the power back on. It is always a good idea to check again with a voltage tester to ensure you are not going to work on something that is live and has power running through it.


Wire strippers

Wire strippers are an important part of electrician supplies, as they allow the tradesman to strip away the rubber lining of wires to expose the copper underneath. This is an important part of the job, and is a reason why it is an essential part of electrician supplies. Trying to strip away the insulation on a wire with any other tool can prove to be difficult and time consuming, whereas wire strippers make it easy to do. You are able to get automatic and manual wire strippers, and both are part of important electrician supplies.


Insulated screwdrivers

While screwdrivers are a tool that many different tradesmen use, insulated screwdrivers are an important part of electrician supplies. This is because they are working with power, and having insulated electrician supplies means that in the case of being exposed to live voltage, the insulation will protect the user from the shock. This is obviously important in terms of safety, and thereby it is an important part of essential electrician supplies.


In summary, electrician supplies that are essential involve a voltage tester, wire strippers and insulated screwdrivers. Having these tools in your electrician supplies will ensure that you can get the job done to a high standard of quality, efficiently and safely. With these important tools on hand, you will be able to be the best tradesman you can be.

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