How To Choose The Right Bongs

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Looking into buying bongs? Whether it’s your first, a replacement, or you’re building up a collection, it’s a good idea to take some time to search and find the right utensil for you as this will help make your experience using them more enjoyable and will help to ensure you get the most out of your investment. Read on below for tips on finding the best bongs for you.


Herbs or concentrates

One of the main things you should think about when buying new bongs is what you plan to use them for. Water pipes for instance are useful for a variety of substances and work with both dry herbs and concentrated substances. If you’re planning to use your bongs for dry herbs, then you’ll need to have a bowl and your bongs will generally need a bigger stem. If on the other hand you’re planning on using a concentrate, then you will need a nail. If you want to do both herbs and concentrated substances, then it’s a good idea to look into small or medium bongs that can be easily changed for different uses with adapters and attachments.


Do you need a percolator function?

Percolators are used to diffuse the smoke created by bongs. When you burn herbs the smoke created can be bad for your health and can force you to inhale a number of dangerous toxins, percolators help to filter out these dangerous and unwanted components from the smoke and cool it down so that you can enjoy a cleaner hit in your lungs.

There are many different designs out there that include built-in diffusers and support for other accessories like ash-catchers. Whether or not you prefer a percolator will depend on your individual tastes.


Choosing a size that suits you

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The size of your bongs is important and should be chosen based on your lifestyle and needs. Are you for instance planning to take it outside or do you need something that’s for home use only? Smaller more portable designs are obviously better for when you’re on the go, whilst larger pipes are great for home use or for when you want to use accessories and make modifications. You may also want to consider your lung capacity and how much you can draw in, smaller designs for instance may be a better choice if this is your first water pipe. You should also think about durability and stability; generally smaller designs will last longer whilst larger designs are much easier to break because of their size.


What materials have been used?

Pipes can be made from many different kinds of materials, including glass, acrylics, plastic ceramic, silicone and timbers like bamboo. Designs made from acrylic are transparent like glass but often much less expensive. Ceramic pipes are an attractive and inexpensive option compared to glass options. Ceramic models will have a shorter lifespan compared to glass options. Bamboo is also another material that is often used and can be very durable. Silicone is also a popular choice for travel because it is both durable and very flexible.


Glass is by far the most popular choice of material for pipes. It can be very inexpensive and very simple or it can be highly expensive and beautifully handcrafted. Glass can be colourful and blown into many different kinds of shapes and designs. Glass is a very aesthetic choice and is very popular with collectors. Glass can be very long-lasting and durable however at certain sizes it can be easy to break so collectors should be careful with their precious and valuable pieces.

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