How To Find Good Leather Lounges In Melbourne

leather lounges in a Melbourne showroom

Leather lounges in Melbourne are highly regarded and appreciated for their durability and capability of standing the test of time, they’re perfect for busy households with kids and pets whilst still delivering on style and comfort. They make a luxe addition to any home and simply cannot be beaten when it comes to quality – no fabric couch will last as long. Good leather lounges in Melbourne can attract a big price tag, however, and because they are such an investment piece it’s important to do your research and think carefully about your purchase.


What to remember

So how can you tell the quality of leather lounges in Melbourne? Just like anything else you might buy the quality of the product can vary. Genuine leather lounges in Melbourne generally come in two main types. The tanning process will determine the type, whether it’s top grain or split. Top grain items will usually be much hardier and last much longer than split-grain, which can break apart more easily. Anything that is called ‘full grain’ ‘corrected’ or ‘semi-corrected’ will usually be genuine top-grain products. When shopping for leather lounges in Melbourne it’s a good idea to keep these things in mind.


Small imperfections

If you’re looking for a genuine product than you’ll want to find products that have small imperfections. The real thing will never be completely smooth or free from tiny imperfections. Natural grains have areas of unevenness and won’t follow a perfect pattern, if a product looks too perfect then it’s likely not authentic. If you’re looking to purchase faux products than no imperfections are a good thing!


Inspect the back and side panels

If you’re searching for genuine leather lounges in Melbourne then you’ll want to check closely that the material isn’t faux. Proper genuine grain material will have small patches that will be more visible on the back or side panels of the sofa. If the sofa has large panels then the grain is likely faux.


Ask for a sample swatch

Before you purchase a new sofa you should ask for a sample swatch and check that the colour matches well to all sides of the sofa. Whilst the grain and pattern should vary on a genuine couch, the colours should be consistent so it’s a good idea to check that this matches well.


Tightly constructed

Good quality sofas should have cushions that are made from a tightly woven mesh material. It’s important that the material can breathe properly. Loose materials and mesh will reduce the longevity of your couch and could contribute to sagging later on down the line. The optimal construction of leather lounges in Melbourne is different from what you’d expect from a fabric couch so it’s important to keep that it mind.


Stretching and durability

woman sitting in a leather lounge

When you’re looking at your sample swatch make sure to stretch the material out a bit. This will let you know how the couch will likely look as it ages. After years of use and wear and tear the fabric will begin to stretch out and it won’t look exactly the same as it did brand new. This is a plus for many as they often look even better when they’ve been lived in and they’ve had a chance to build up a strong patina.


Shopping for new furniture is lots of fun but make sure you take the time to ask questions, do research, and check that what you’re purchasing is the real thing. It’s a big investment so make sure you find something you truly love that will last for years.


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